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Window Blinds Varieties and Designs

Contrary to most people beliefs, window blinds are not recent inventions. Such information is inaccurate. Window blinds have been around for many centuries. There is evidence of their origin being Roman, also ancient China, and of course, worldwide. However, by then, each had their own windows for putting the blinds on their windows. Also today, there are different reasons why one installs window blinds in their homes.

Other than providing shade, window blinds offer privacy. Window blinds are made from opaque or translucent material and not transparent. Installation of blinds helps one to keep the outside interferences at bay just by pulling them down. The room temperature can also be varied by the window blinds. One can adjust them accordingly and hence control the amount of air flowing in and out of the room.

The rooms that have blinds installed have a sense of beauty. From the many varieties around, a person has to choose a window design that will fit the room in question perfectly. Their color and style add a pleasant flavor to the room. Window blinds also keep the unwanted outside like insects, wind, strong sun rays, dust, etc.

Different window blind designs have different origins. Each blind is unique in its design. Take for example blinds that have easily folded material or fabrics that are controlled using chains or preloaded springs. These window blinds go by the name Roller Blinds There is a lightweight aluminum cylinder fitted instead of slats. When the blinds are raised, it ensures that the material wraps up.

Vertical Blinds follow. As the name indicates, their slats hang from top to bottom. Different material can be used to make the slats. This type of window blinds are perfect for huge windows and sliding doors.

When pulled, there are window blinds that stack into neat horizontal pleats. They are made from fabric. In the rooms where they are installed, they keep the temperature favorably warm. Therefore, these blinds are more favorable during the cold seasons and also in the areas where temperatures are low. These go by the title, Roman Blinds.

Other window blinds contain only of horizontal slats and no fabric. Light is allowed to pass by rotating the slats. These are the Venetian Blinds. The best thing about this blinds is that light entering the room can be easily regulated.

There are other blinds that can function in both windows and open space. When installed in huge rooms, they act as temporary walls separating huge spaces. Panel Blinds fit the work description. These blinds are well installed in track system that moves horizontally. The material moves either to the left or to the right through the aids of panels that make them fold just like vertical blinds.

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