Georgiana Does Something Beautiful To A Boy Just Not To Tell Others

Georgiana Does Something Beautiful To A Boy Just Not To Tell Others

Watching No Moreirishmik60 I woke the next morning thinking the previous evening had been but a dream. That is until I put my hand between my legs and still felt dad's sticky juices seeping from the inside of my pussy. OH MY GOD! It DID happen! I'd let my dad fuck me! And, worst of all, I loved it! I'd never been so completely satisfied, so completely fucked in all my life. About this time my mother came into my room. She sat on the side of my bed, rested her hand on my thigh, and we began to talk. She stunned me with what she had to say, it began....."Last night was no fluke, we'd been planning it for years." What! What was mom saying? They'd planned on fucking me? But how? Wasn't it I who'd seen them fucking and became so excited? That's when my mother went on to explain that for over two years my father had expressed a desire to have sex with me. You see, my mother and father are swingers. They live for sexual pleasure. My dad had admired my body as I grew and matured into womanhood. Since my sophmore year in high school he'd peeked at me nude as I'd come out of the shower, or forgot to close my bedroom door all the way when dressing or undressing. He'd even gone as far as to install a hidden video camera in my bedroom. I was shocked, and excited at the same time. I'd just found out that both my parents were perverts. And I loved the idea!!! It seems that when I'd told my mother years before, the day after I'd lost my virginity, the next person to know was my father. She went to explain that that night dad had fucked her so much she was sore for a week after. She said she knew he was imagining that he was fucking me. Unknown to me, every time I'd confided to mom my sexual experiences, dad was also aware. The one time I'd fucked in my bedroom, thinking we were home alone, dad had the entire event on tape. From then on dad had seemed to encourage mom to help arrange a time when he'd actually get to fuck me. When I called and told them I was going to be home for this spring vacation, they'd put plans into action. Last night unknown to me, mom had spiked my dinner with 'Spanish Fly' They knew I loved sex, and hadn't had any in over a week, so figured the 'FLY' and my natural horniness would work to their advantage. So, last night, after I'd gone to bed, mom and dad started fucking, leaving their door partially open. They'd never done that before. They also made extra loud noises making sure I'd awaken. The 'FLY' had a side effect besides making me sexually excited. It also made me thirsty. So, when I'd gotten up to get a drink, my parents were aware, and started making louder noises to attract my curiosity. What can I say? It worked. So, when I was watching them, they knew. They weren't so uch fucking as performing for me. The fact that I was watching them, mom confided, had driven dad crazy with lust. Now awake, laying naked next to my mother as she told me all this, I became wet knowing dad had wanted me for so long. Under the sheets, unaware to mom, my nipples were hardening. Thinking that my mother had assisted my father in having sex with me, fucking me. Her telling me this story only made me horny all over again. Wanting my father again. And wait, wanting my mother again! I'd never before considered myself lesbian, gay, or bi; but recalling my mother's mouth on my pussy last night. Licking my juices. Licking my fathers, her husband's, cum from me....was making me horny all over again. It didn't help that my mother sat there nude, her still firm breasts open to my view, her hand atop the sheet on my hip. Her touch felt hot. Like she was branding me. "Mom? Is it wrong of me to say I liked it? That I want more? But, not just of dad, of you as well?' Hearing this my mother said nothing but bent forward and kissed my forehead, down across my nose, and coming to rest on my lips. I could feel the tip of het tongue gently tickling my upper lip. Gliding back and forth across it. At the same time I felt her hand draw the sheet down from my shoulders, over my breasts, down past my waist. My left hand came to rest behind my mother's head, pulling her to me, not letting her escape. My right hand rested on her thigh, sliding up and down from her knee to her groin. I could hear soft whimpers escape from mom's lips. Drawing my hand up from her thigh, I cupped the breast nearest me and heard her gasp when I cam to rest on the distended nipple. Her lips became firmer against mine. Her tongue starting to probe into my mouth. I opened up and felt her tongue dance with mine. I could feel her chest rising and falling in her deep breathing, causing her tit to push harder against my caressing hand.. Mom released her grip from me and stood up. For a moment I was confused, had I done something wrong? That was until she took but a bri
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ef moment to toss the sheet from my body and return to the bed. Mom was on her knees, her head bending towards my vagina, her hands on either thigh running up and down. Her backside faced me and I could see the moistness between her legs. had dad fucked her this morning? leaving his juices running from her? No, this was mom's pussy juice. She was getting more and more excited. I reached out and pulled her one leg across my body, settling us into a '69' position. Her hot breath on my Mons made we widen my legs giving her full access to me. Almost immediately she dove her face into me. Her tongue lathing up and down between my swollen, distended labia. The sensations of her mouth on my pussy caused me to soak my mom's face in my cunt juices. In her excitement, her hips began to gyrate up and down. Hypnotized by the view of the pussy that I'd come from so many years before, I reached up pulled her cheeks apart and dove in with my face. Mom's juices were literally dripping from her pussy! Her clit engorged, her labia swollen, I feasted on my mother. We were both insatiable, both not wanting to quit until we'd brought one another to orgasmic bliss. "There's my two lovely ladies." There in the doorway my father stood nude, watching us. He approahed the foot of the bed, admiring the scene before him. It excited me more to know he was watching us. watching us as he stood there naked. Watching me eat my mother as she did the same to me. When he reached the end of the bed I felt one of mom's hand leave my thighs. I knew she was stroking him. Stroking my dad's cock, in my bedroom, while licking his daughter's pussy.b That thought, I almost came on the spot. Then, mom's mouth left my pussy. Her one hand played with my clit, but I looked aside to see dad feeding her his penis. After only a couple minutes, she withdrew her mouth and screamed to be fucked. I watched dad come around to the head of the bed. His monstrous cock led the way. His nuts swaying beneath his shaft. I felt his knees straddle me as he got on the bed, over my face, behind his wife. before he had a chance to put his cock in mom, I grabbed it and swallowed the head in my mouth. One, wetting him for easier insertion into mom's pussy. two, to let him know I could suck cock just as good as mom. Now,, with his nuts resting on my forehead, his penis slowly inserting into mom's pussy, my mouth locked on mom's clit, and mom herself attached to my gash, we became one mass of sexual flesh. As his long hard cock withdrew from mom's vagina, I could lick up and taste her juices on the underside of his shaft. Each time he bottomed out inside mom's cunt with that monster cock of his, mom would dive her face harder into my hole. We sounded like a well oiled machine, gasp's coming in unison from the three of us with each stroke. Dad's power driving in and out of mom made her hips stutter in my hands, her pussy quivering in passion. Juices from her pussy splashed out with each withdrawal of dad's bone, to splash on my face, into my open mouth. My cream was flowing nonstop from me, feeding mom with it's gushing juices. Last night I was partially drunk and unknowingly drugged with an aphrodisiac. This morning I was a willing partner in this carnal coupling, and loving every moment. Not wanting it to stop. But, as it started, it had to end. Dad's thrusts became static, his hips and thighs tightening. A staccato beat, not really moving in or out, but sort of a stutter inside moms pussy. This jack hammering of her hole, along with my tongue action on her clit was quickly bringing mom to orgasm. The fact dad's balls were striking my face, his cock pistoning in and out of mom a mere inch from my mouth, and mom's actions on my own pussy and clit, brought us all off at the same time. Dad's cock slipped from mom's gash and his sperm splashed all over my face. Reaching up, I grabbed his dick, aimed the head at my open mouth and devoured his shooting seed. Wearily dad stepped over and off me, coming to sit at my vanity table, cock limp, drenched in cum and my saliva. Hanging limply between his legs. Mom rolled off me, turned, and began licking dad's seed which had splashed all over me from my face and body. Her breasts slithered along my chest, her nipples rubbing against my hardened teats. We had all cum, but at the same time we all knew the day had but started. We all knew at this moment that our lives were changed forever. Mom was first to speak. "dear, would you be so kind as to help me prepare breakfast. I think your father needs a shower." I rose, went to my closet to get a robe, then thought 'fuck it'. Walking from my bedroom naked, sweaty, sated but for the moment, I knew that clothes would never be an option in our house again. Eight more days of vacation, would I survive?

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