She fucks her in the morning when she has a tight pussy

She fucks her in the morning when she has a tight pussy

"You'll love Suri, she is funny, but quiet. She has a amazing rack, and I know you have a thing for nice tits," she told me, sitting down with me."Really, that's one of the attractions you are listing for me?" I chuckled, putting my arm around her."Yes, we both know that these melons hanging off my chest definitely played a role for you to propose," she reminded me, lifting up her boobs a bit."Yes, but you don't just say that. You let me be surprised and then slap me when I stare at them too much."She nodded and broke eye contact for a moment. "Crap, you are right," she laughed. "Well, maybe with me next friend from college.""Good to know, now I'm forewarned," I chuckled before I kissed her."We were just inseparable in college. We barely hung out with anyone else, we just partied together almost every night and hooked with so many guys together.""Whoa, are you saying you had threesomes with her?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows."Yes, why, do you want details?""No, that's quite alright, Cora. I'm sure that's something quite intimate she wouldn't just want you spouting off to me.""Well, if you say so. Although, I did tell her about the one time we both got away from everyone at Ray's house and I rode you reverse cowgirl style in the bathroom."I leaned my head back. "You are joking, right?""No, I told her the story," she replied slowly. "I didn't mention how big your cock was, but she knows it happened."I just featured an odd face."Are you mad, Gil?"I stayed silent and bit my bottom lip for a moment.I shook my head no and laid a kiss on her lips. "Isn't that the kind of thing you'd slap me for doing though?""I admit, it is a double standard," she confessed, lying down with me. "Just wrap your arms around me and maybe I'll give you a blow job to make up for it.""Deal," I replied, following her order.We cuddled for a few minutes on the couch as I delivered a string of kisses onto her head and just rubbed my face onto her neck. 'Well, looking at another pair of melons couldn't kill me. It may get me slapped, but not kill me. I already have a sexy brunette here, but with a blonde too, it'll be a party.'Some time later, we heard the door open. "Hello, Cora?" a female voice asked."Here is Suri," Cora mentioned, getting off the couch.They immediately came to each other and hugged.'Wow, she is beautiful, there is no doubt about that,' I thought, scanning her figure. 'Skinny legs, flat stomach, a pretty face and two extra sexy melons on her chest.'"Damn, it has been too long, Suri," Cora pointed out, coming off her. "Three years may not seem long, but it really has been too long," she said before she kissed her.My eyes directly widened and I jerked back. "Holy shit, you two are kissing each other."Even as I said the words, that didn't stop them. To no surprise, I just sat back and enjoyed the view. My cock became rock hard as they also put their hands onto one another's butts as well. The whole make out session lasted for about two minutes and my eyes failed to part from them for even a second.'Did I die and go to my own personal heaven?They parted lips and both smiled at each other. "Good thing you ditched your husband, your ex girlfriend has missed you.""Well, that fucker decided to be with a couple other ladies, so he left me no choice," Suri added, sitting down on the other side of the couch"Good, I know Gil likes what he just saw," Cora said, sitting back down with me."Yes, I did, but you are forcing me to ask: is this a joke?"They both shook their heads no and I just nodded while smiling. Then I just lied back and said nothing as I tried to comprehend what could have happened in the past and just what might happen in the near future.A minute later, Cora turned my head to her and kissed me. "No, it is not. I know we've been married for a couple years now, but there is one secret I'm ready to share with you."I peeked at Suri as she just grinned. "So, you two were a thing?" I pondered, pointing at both of them and rotating my hands."Yes, for a couple years in college, but she eventually met Brian. His damn cock lured her away from me."Suri leaned up. "Your wife wasn't about to take that lying down. I bullshit you not, one Saturday night in our dorm, she just came busting into my room as I was with Brian. He was fucking me doggie style, but she just ran right to me and kissed me.""No kidding?" I laughed, slapping my knee. "I could see you doing that, babe.""I got Suri to stand up with me and we just made out for about a minute before she just pushed me off her. Neither Brian or I were willing to share her, but she had gotten close with Brian. In fact, what was the deal breaker between us, Suri?"Suri slowly leaned towards my right ear. "He proposed, and as you might have guessed, it didn't last very long. She didn't take it so well," she whispered. "Oh," I muttered, nodding as Suri leaned away from me."As you just saw, our feelings are still strong though," Cora mentioned."Already then."I leaned forward and kept my mouth shut. I couldn't help, but smile. No matter what was gonna happen, I just pictured what happened before between them. I did it all with my eyes open, and neither of them said a word. I still had a major hard on and my smile just got wider by the second."So, are we out of the woods? Would you say you are okay with this?" Suri wondered. "You would have thought Brian liked it, but he was just pissed off. I certainly wouldn't want stir up shit with you two."Maybe Brian didn't like it because it came out as you were having sex, Suri," I pointed out, vibrating a bit.I stayed silent again for a moment, but then I lied back and Cora lied with me. "So, are you okay?""I'll be fine, babe. That was a secret worth keeping.""You just never know how a guy will react. I thought the point would clearer if I kissed her.""Well," I said, getting up. "I'll let you two catch up a bit, it seems you have a lot to talk about," I mentioned, prior to walking towards our bedroom."Wait," Cora said.I turned around and saw her coming to me. "I'm not saying that I want to fuck her again, I'm committed to you.""I know, but you two clearly have a lot to talk about and I think I'm just gonna go out with Ted for a little while.""Do you want to know anything else about it? Whose idea it was, or what positions? She has just been wanting to visit for a couple months now. She got divorced and wanted to come to me, but I was afraid to just spring it on you about our history. I also didn't want to just lie about it either.""Well, I had no idea of her existence until last week. Now she is here and I find out that you are actually bi-sexual. I never ever thought of you kissing another woman besides your mom, it is just a lot to sink in, that's all.""Okay," she spoke, breaking eye contact."It might be a little weird hearing about that, but I'm not upset or anything else. I just need to comprehend this."She nodded and kissed me once. "I love you.""I love you too, I'll see you in a bit," I replied before I left.I just went out and met Ted. I didn't tell him what they told me, but he knew I just needed to have a drink. Anyway, I did manage to picture them together though. I loved the concept of the situation, but it just still felt weird.'I've just never thought about how I'd feel if I ever found out Cora had a past lesbian relationship. They gave a hard on, but after a couple minutes, it was just odd. Why was it weird to me? I should be loving it, but I'm not.'I just stayed out for a little while and drank a little bit as I jibber jabbered with Ted.I walked back towards my car. "Well, now with some alcohol in me, maybe this is in my best interest. Maybe we can have a threeway, I mean if they are both bi-sexual," I spoke, getting into my car.I drove back home, but I still felt a little weird about it. Anyway, I walked back to the front door and strolled in."Damnedest thing," I muttered, taking off my shoes on the front porch. "My rod is still hard. I just wonder if they were expecting me to come back already. I was only gone for an hour, but maybe they are fucking each other now. They admitted they fucked before and they made out in front of me too," I chuckled, before I went into the living room.'Well, they aren't in here, so maybe they went to the bedroom,' I thought, before I made my way over to the bedroom. 'Oh, the light is on.'"Oh, yes, just like that, you sexy blonde bitch," I heard Cora moan.'Holy shit,' I thought, covering my mouth with both hands. 'Is it actually happening?' I thought, calmly strolling towards the door."I missed eating your pussy too, hot stuff. Now hold still, I've been dying to get you off for months now," I heard Suri say."Fuck," I whispered somewhat loudly. "I've gotta see this," I mumbled before I calmly opened the door.I peeked in and looked right at the bed. 'Shit, they are both naked and Suri is eating my wife's pussy. Oh, she is shaking her head back and forth too. Shit, this is so much hotter than I could have possibly imagined, with alcohol or not.'"Yes, yes, yes, Suri. Get that tongue in there as deep as you can and make me drench your face again."I licked my lips and held the door open with my head. I lazily undid my pants and pulled my cock out.I stroked it very slowly as I licked my lips again. "I never thought about this until a couple hours ago, but now I'm loving the sight. Yeah, caress your ex girlfriend's head, Cora. Do it and let her know how much you missed her. I'll just be here, jacking off to your naked bodies," I whispered, shaking around.I had the perfect view as I could see the side of them. 'I know at any moment, Cora just peek my way, but maybe that would just make things even hotter if she knew I was here. I'm only about seven feet away, so really, anything is possible. I could just shoot my load and neither of them would have any idea.'The top half of my body moved backward and forward in slow movements and I felt myself breaking a sweat as my hand already became tired. I not only just stared at Suri fucking Cora, but I also just examined both of their visible bodies.'Oh, I love this. Damn, to think that I was feeling weird about this, I guess hearing about it and actually seeing it are two very different things.'As time went on, I noticed that the bed shaking was directly caused by Cora jiggling around nonstop. I couldn't help, but to cheese as much as I could and open the door just a little bit more. I made sure not to make the floor creak, but I was more visible though.I stroked my dick and bit down on my bottom lip to silence myself. It came as no easy task as I just kept masturbating to them. After only a few minutes, I felt my heart beating so fast, I would have thought I was about to bungee jump.Then I glanced at Suri's face. 'Her eyes are closed, I'm sure because of the juice Cora is giving out, or maybe because it is more than lust. They probably do still have some feelings for one another. I'm sure that is a whole new story for them to tell, so their break up probably wasn't so cut and dry.'"Oh, yes," I muttered as softly as I could.I felt my load building up and I knew it was just a matter of time. Even as I knew that I could get caught and possibly have blow this thing, I couldn't force myself to go away. They were my eye candy then and I loved the taste of it."Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, Suri," Cora warned her, taking her hands off her head.Suri failed to move and just let her splash her face with all the lady juice that Cora could give out right at the moment.Then my body felt it's limits too and I moaned a bit. "Shit," I murmured as I felt some of my seed come blasting out.I let out three more shots, but I couldn't stop myself from groaning slightly with each one."Oh, shit, Gil," she yelped somewhat, breathing heavily. "You scared me.""I scared you?" I chuckled, coming in there. "You said you didn't want to fuck her again."She got right up and came to me. "You aren't mad, are you?" she asked, taking my hands."Well, my pecker is out and I certainly enjoyed the sight. I'm not mad, but maybe I have some tweaked nerves.""We were just talking about old memories and one thing led to another. We also weren't expecting you back so soon.""Well, I'm back now," I said before I peeked at Suri. "Your ex girlfriend is positively sexy beyond belief."'Holy shit, her tits are magnificent.'Cora looked at her for a second. "Would you like to join us, Gil? We both still like cock too, and I know she has been looking at yours ever since it entered her sight.""Cora, you better not be screwing with me.""I'm not," she mentioned, wrapping her right hand around my schlong. "For the record, I was gonna tell you that we had sex tonight. Now would you like to have some fun with us?" she pondered, stroking it."Yes," I moaned, stripping myself.Suri came right up to us and I got full view of both of them. My rod just rose up again after it went slightly limp not too long ago. Suri got right in front of me and placed her hands onto my shoulders. Without mentioning a word, she just pasted her lips onto mine."You see, Gil, she is a seductress. She can get into anyone's undergarments," Cora let me know, getting down onto her knees without parting her hand from my member.She took it right into her mouth and I immediately let out a big exhale.Suri nonchalantly brought her lips off mine. "You certainly scored big, Gil: she is smoking hot and likes girls too. So you better enjoy this while you can," she explained before she lowered herself to her knees.Cora began thrusting her lips ever so slowly and then Suri got right below my balls. She licked them a bit and had me jerk around a little bit. Both of my hands went over onto their heads as I kept my eyes on both of them.Suri just continued to tongue my balls with her slick tongue and I felt Cora speeding her thrusts up a little bit. I cheesed as I just loved the results of letting them know I was there.I caressed both of their heads. "Come on, dear, don't be a cock hog, let your girlfriend have a crack at it."So Cor
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a slowly let my wood out and Suri instantly took it into her mouth.Cora rose up with me. "So, you aren't mad?""No, babe," I muttered, wrapping my arms around her. "I'm not mad at all, but you are lucky I love you so much."I saw her place her hand onto Suri's head right before I closed my eyes. She immediately began thrusting her lips even faster than Cora, and her lips even seemed to be mushier. I had my mouth opened widely, but I still smiled.After a moment, Cora wrapped both of her arms around me and laid her head onto my chest. I kissed her several times on the top of her head and she returned the favor to my chest. We held each other rather tightly, but with every thrust from Suri's lips, I made all three of us move just a little bit.I felt like my lungs were about to give out, as if someone put a brick on each of them. Although, the fierce pleasure Suri was delivering was worth every bit of displeasure. It was as if Suri was the drug, but she just came with unbelievable consequences."Do you like my ex girlfriend sucking your johnson?""Yes, I do, hun, I love it in fact.""Is she better than me?""Hell mother fucking no.""Good answer," Cora pointed out, slanting her head towards mine.We kissed for over a minute and we placed our hands onto one another's butts.  'Damn, I better not be so drunk, that I'm imagining all this shit. No, I can't be, it just feels too good. It would be a crime against nature if this wasn't real.'We continued to make out for over five minutes as Suri sucked the life out of my cock. I knew I shot a big load not too long ago, so that was my only idea to why I hadn't given into Suri's massive, but pleasurable assault on my wood.It seemed like her mouth was a pin just poking me in efforts to get me to give up. Although, with Cora's lips on mine, I just thought that maybe she temporarily made me superhuman.Suri let my cock out. "Oh, fuck," she groaned, stroking it quickly. "Damn, Brian couldn't last this long to save his life. Who the fuck did you marry, Cora, Superman?""Well, my Superman, yes," she replied, peeking at Suri. "I can make him cum though.""Prove it, bitch," Suri ordered her, breathing rather heavily.Cora got back down on her knees and snatched my rod. "It just takes a special touch that only I can give him, right, hubby?" Cora pondered, glancing at me."Yes."Cora quickly pushed me onto the bed. "Feel free to have some fun with my ex girlfriend, Gil. It is the only way I think you'd want me to make it up to you," she pointed out before she took my schlong back into her mouth.Suri came over to me and lied next to me. "Wow, you have a superior cock, Gil. It is like right out of dirty book in an adult book store," she praised me before she kissed me."Thank you, and you are quite inviting to say the least. May I feel your hooters?""I won't deny you that," she answered before she snatched my hands and placed them right onto them.I felt them for a few seconds and then I squeezed them a little bit. "Holy shit, these are arousing. Fuck, Cora, I'm gonna cum now," I moaned, slanting my head back and closing my eyes.My rod slipped out of her mouth. "Give your wife the white seed," Cora instructed me, brushing it swiftly.I brought my head up to view the sexy turn on events as I felt my cum soaring through my system like a facet on full blast. My entire body shook around a bit, but as I felt the time for cumming was upon us, I suddenly halted movement.My schlong abruptly shot out several streams right onto Cora's face. I desired to see all of the hot action, but I had to close my eyes. It just felt so damn good, I had to just lie back and try to deal with the pleasure the best I could.I knew I let out at least three shots, but I wasn't sure if there was more though. Even after I was done, I just placed my hands onto my face. I did my best to catch my breath and calm down a bit."Holy shit, I feel so drained," I muttered, taking my hands off my face."Then we did our job," Suri replied before she licked Cora's right cheek.I viewed Suri clean off Cora's face only using her tongue. She kept hard at work for about three minutes or so and my cock failed to go limp that time. I just watched them, but it still seemed to be unreal."Only his wife can make him cum like that.""Funny, it happened just as he felt my titties," Suri indicated just as she finished washing Cora's face."Don't fight, ladies."Suddenly, Suri crawled to me and got right over my johnson. Without saying a word, she snagged it and guided it right into her twat. She opened her mouth widely, but failed to utter a word. She locked with me and began riding me.I was about to open my mouth and say something, but she speedily brought her pointer finger to my lips. "No talking, hung man," she warned me before she brought her finger back and grasped my hands.She brought them to her melons again. "Cum if you need to, don't be afraid. Do it with your wife watching us."I applied some pressure onto them again, but it didn't make me cum right away that time."Do you like her melons too?" Cora pondered, lying next to me."Yes, they are real, and they are spectacular.""And how do you know they are real?" Cora chuckled."I'm an expert," I answered before I kissed her."What's her cup size?""C-cups, I'm positive about that."Cora kissed me again and got up onto her knees.She went over to Suri and laid a single kiss onto her lips. "I missed you like a chocolate addict misses their chocolate stash.""Well, you should have said something to your hubby, I might have fucked you two and gotten that two-hundred pound mole removed a lot sooner.""Good to know for the next life," Cora mentioned before she moved down to Suri's nipples.She took Suri's left nipple into her mouth and Suri wrapped her arms around Cora's head. "Yes, Brian never did anything with my nipples except pinch them," Suri moaned before she slanted her head back.Even as she had Cora sucking the life out of her nipple, she still managed to ride me like a horse. She had the top half of her body moving back and forth slowly. I peeked at Cora and she had her eyes closed."Oh, there is nothing better than being pleasured by a married couple. Come on, sexy lady, use that slick tongue too. I'm dying to feel it on there."Cora released her nipple and peeked at her. "Yes, bossy," she mentioned before her tongue slipped out. I didn't move a muscle, I just locked eyes with Cora's tongue as it thrilled Suri's nipple."Yes, now you are turning me into a life sized vibrator for your husband's cock, Cora," she moaned, rubbing her head nonstop.I eyeballed them both nonstop and everything else around them turned to black. I seemed to be in a dream like state and I felt as light as air. Suri's face suddenly disappeared as she leaned her head back.Cora placed her fingers onto Suri's slit. "Do you like that, Suri? Would you say my husband and I make a good team?" she pondered, flinging her pussy lips."Yes, cunt," Suri moaned, beginning to bounce up and down. "I like that a lot."I saw Cora smile as she continued to lick her nipple and scrub her lips mercilessly."I don't have to do a damn thing, I'm just enjoying fucking another woman and seeing my enchanting wife help pleasure that same woman."They both glanced at me. "Well, enough of that," Cora mentioned, getting down with me. "I want to see you make sweet love to her now.""Without you?""Yes, without me.""Give me a kiss first."She instantly saddled our lips together and laid her breasts onto my chest. We both wrapped our arms around each other and just stayed together for over three minutes.Suddenly, found myself twitching. "Babe, I'm cumming," I mentioned, kissing her."Damn right you are, hunk," Suri pointed out."Oh, fuck me," I groaned through my teeth.It lasted for about twenty seconds or so and I wasn't sure just how much seed I had to give out then. It still felt great and the emotional spike was beyond amazing."I don't care if you just shot your load again," Cora said before kissed me once again. "I want to see you make sweet to her. No excuses, Gil.""Fine," I muttered before Suri and I turned around.I looked right into Suri's eyes. "You are a beautiful tart," I branded her before I kissed her."Shut up and fuck her, Gil," Cora ordered me, hitting the bed. "Fuck her with your huge cock, but when you have to cum again, pull out and splatter her as much as you can.""Yes, dear wife," I moaned before I began thrusting my rod.I kept a small gap between us and placed my palms onto her thighs. Even as I felt depleted again, I kept at it and fucked the sexy chick.My member went in and out of her pussy smoothly. "It is like skating on ice, damn you two definitely know how to keep your slits wet.""We know," they both answered.My mouth opened as widely as I could get it and my heart was pumping so hard, that I felt the veins in my johnson were gonna pop. As much as I wanted to, I didn't peek at at Suri's tits, I just kept eye contact to keep the intimacy in tact.'I'm pretty sure everything that needs to be said, has been. Wow, they are both so damn ravishing, and even more so when they are together. I definitely noticed Suri as soon as I saw her, but then as I saw Suri eating Cora's pussy, a whole new world just opened to me. Wow, I'm one lucky bastard. Especially if anything like this happens again.'"I love seeing your hooters shake, Suri," Cora moaned before she looked back at me. "Come on, give her some force now and shove your manhood into her so hard, she cries, Gil.""Yes, dear," I answered, leaning up again.I let my dick all the way out, but then I slammed it right back in."Oh, fuck yes!!" Suri growled, moving her head all around.I began thrusting my rod even faster that time. My eyes were stuck right on Suri's face, but I did manage to see Cora a few select times. She didn't say anything, but she was licking her lips and glaring at me. I just smiled at her and she blew her a kiss.Suri began biting her lips and her hands firmly grabbed onto my butt. Every time my schlong went back into her slit, she applied even more pleasure to my butt cheeks. Unfortunately, she dug her fingernails into a little bit, but I stayed strong."Oh, my handsome husband to fucking my ex girlfriend. This is hot, Gil, maybe we should invite her over again. I certainly like seeing you with another woman. I'm masturbating fiercely right now, letting my fingers violate my pussy.""Shut up, Cora, I'm enjoying his cock inside my cherry right now."Cora failed to utter a comeback and I just felt to be getting to the bottom of the bottom. I looked at both of your faces, but I summoned all my might into fucking Suri like mad. Even with sweat jumping off my head, I just wanted to please both of them."Come on, you don't need to last this long, Gil, we all just want to see you splatter her completely," Cora reminded me, getting up onto her knees.She came over to me, placed her palms on the back of my head and kissed me. "Cum already, Gil, I want to see it. I want to see you shoot your load all over my ex girlfriend. Won't you do that for me?" she asked slowly, caressing my head."I'll do anything you, Cora," I replied, lazily pulling out my cock.I peeked at Suri and was about to take it, but Cora cut me off. "No," she objected, snatching it. "Allow your ravishing wife to do the honors," she suggested, stroking it. "Now wrap your arms around me and tell me you love me.""I love you, Cora," I moaned, enveloping my arms around her.I enforced a lot of strain on her and vibrated as I felt my load on it's way out."Tell me you love me even though I cheated," Cora ordered me, brushing even faster."I do love you!" I yelled before I shot my first cum bullet right onto Suri. "Oh, shit," I moaned before firing out another couple shots.I failed to see any of them, but I just held onto her as hard as I could. I shed a few tears and held my breath over the duration, but once I was done, I just suddenly fell backward. I attempted to catch my breath as I lied down by their feet. I covered my face with both hands."Holy shit, Gil, I had no idea that you could still shoot loads like that. You doused the bitch, she looks like a cum dumpster now."After a moment, I still felt like needles were poking my lungs, but I peeked at them. I saw Cora rubbing Suri's stomach and breasts for a few seconds. Then I laid my head back again and closed my eyes.'Shit, my wife is crazy.'A moment later, I felt the mattress maneuver slightly.I felt a body lie down with me, so I peeked to see who. "Oh, it is my ravishing wife," I observed, prior to encasing my arms around her.After a moment of cuddling, I heard some sniffles. "What's wrong, babe?"She angled her head up and kissed me. "Promise me you aren't mad," she fretted, keeping her face close."I'm not mad, Cora. I love you and always will.""I know I cheated, but I don't want you to resent me.""I swear I don't, sweetheart. You more than made up for it."She stayed quiet, but shed more tears and sucked her lips into her mouth for a moment. "Are you sure?""I took you in sickness and in health, Cora," I reminded her, rubbing her face. "Even if I caught you sucking on some other guy's dick, I wouldn't divorce you. Although, I know you never would, because you know that would hurt me. You have sex with your ex girlfriend and you did say you were planning on telling if I didn't catch you, was that true?""Yes.""Good, just tell me about it next time. You kissing her in front of me doesn't actually mean you telling me you are gonna fuck her.""Okay," she mentioned before she kissed me again and laid her head onto my chest. "Just give us a few minutes, Suri. I'm sure he'll want to go again soon.""I will," I agreed, holding her tight.We held each other for another ten minutes, then Cora leaned up and went to Suri. "So, now that you are divorced, are you gonna move back here?""Is there an open invitation for me to visit more than a little bit?""Yes.""Then, yes, I will."A few months later, Suri moved in not too far away from us and proved not to be very quiet. 

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