Long Sex With Two Cute Blonde Women

Long Sex With Two Cute Blonde Women

I had to shake my head as Jeremy Pax came into the teachers’ lounge. I was under the impression that the new person always has to earn their place — you know, serve their time before they were accepted among the supremely ignorant with degrees, or at least that’s how I think of the staff at the elementary school I work for. It took me three long years before I really earned the respect of the others and managed to get more than just a casual head nod and smile in passing. No, now I finally get the, “Hey, how was your weekend?” routine. Not Jeremy, though. He was the new fourth grade teacher that signed on last year. Sure, okay, so he’d been there a year, but as far as I was concerned, he was still new.Jeremy flirted his way into the crowd. He had mothers coming out of conferences grinning from ear to ear. He had half of the female staff in love with him. Hell, he even winks at our seventy year old receptionist. So, I wasn’t very surprised to see him turning his charm on Katie, one of our second grade teachers who sold make up on the side. Stirring my coffee, I reached for the weather section of the newspaper and tried to concentrate, but there was Katie, laughing her Mary Kay face right off and eating up every word he had to say. “Your husband is a very lucky man to wake up to that smile everyday.” He gave her his prize winning grin.“Pax...” She batted her fake eyelashes at him. “You’re too much.” And with that, Katie swayed her hourglass figure right out the door leaving Jeremy and me alone in the lounge. “Oh, I think I just threw up a little,” I remarked as I saw him lean over to deliberately watch Katie’s pencil skirt leave.“Good morning to you too.” He rolled his eyes and poured himself a cup of coffee. “What’s the forecast? No, wait! Let me guess...” He paused before turning back and then smiled for dramatic effect. “Frigid with a 100% chance of jealousy.”Now, I know a lot of jackasses, but Jeremy had just entered into the royal family of them. “No, actually,” I said, putting the paper back casually, “it’s raining dip shits with cheesy lines.” It was so very satisfying to see his face fall. We hardly ever spoke, but if he wanted to play this game, then he was going to lose.“Kiss my ass, Chelsea,” he bit out before taking a sip of his coffee.Oh yeah, that last one got to him alright and what do you know? He did know my name. “Shave it first,” I retorted, feeling the confidence of having the upper hand and wanting to establish myself as being senior to him even though we were probably close in age and both acting very immature at the moment. “What’s that? You want to shave my ass?” He quirked a brow and acted as if he were appalled at the thought. I was just about to smash his lame comeback, but before I could, I saw Theresa Crowe walk in and I immediately stood up. She was one of the older teachers who would absolutely not approve of the conversation we were having. Unfortunately, Jeremy had his back to her and pounced on the gifted moment of silence from me in effort to back up his lameness.“You know, you should really watch yourself. I might just have to report you for harassment,” he said with a smug smile. I simply could not speak when the old bird’s face had her eyeballs ready to pop straight out. My jaw dropped slightly in effort to say something in defense or at least smooth the situation. My eyes darted from Jeremy back to Theresa before I decided that I just need to leave. Sensing something was wrong, Jeremy finally turned around and saw why he’d won our verbal sparring. I was already halfway out the door and pushing past The Crow, as she was known, when he called out, “See you at the convention.” As if nothing had happened and all was well. As if I would come within ten feet of him at the convention!The day went by painfully slow with the stress of wondering if I was going to be called in at any moment to discuss my unprofessional behavior with the royal jackass. The night went by even slower since the convention was two fun filled days starting at 7am the next morning. The way gossip flew, I was positive that everyone was going to wonder what kind of pervert I was to harass someone like Jeremy Pax. So much for a relaxing weekend. I didn’t want to go, but now I had to. Not showing up would be as good as admitting I was guilty, and I was so not guilty.* * *The alarm went off way too soon, but I dragged my groggy self out of bed with eyes still closed. I was on auto pilot turning on the coffee, taking a quick shower, getting dressed, but this morning I had to pack an overnight bag. Without the spare time, I grabbed a granola bar for breakfast and headed out the door.Speeding just a little to avoid the attention of being late, I finally pulled up to the Atlantis Hotel and Casino. It was several stories tall and felt more like a Vegas visit than a teachers convention. This year’s theme was on the do’s and don’ts of bullying, how to deal with aggressive students and their parents among other things. There was going to be guest speakers and a semi formal dinner with free bar and beverages, which I planned to take full advantage of. We were instructed to meet at the lobby and I could see a massive group of people, many of whom I worked with. I came through the crowd looking for some answer as to what we were doing when Josh Warren approached me with a grin and said, “Hey, Chelsea. Save a dance for me later,” and then started for the elevator. Oh, my God. Josh was fucking sexy as hell and he wanted to dance with me. Maybe this weekend wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Then I heard my name: “Chelsea Wilson?” “I’m over here,” I called out. “You’re rooming with Ms. Crowe,” the woman at the front desk informed me. She gave me a room key and smiled faintly before going on to the next name. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, but there she was, The Crow, fluttering her way to the elevator. I decided to wait for the next one. Finally, with a small ting a door opened to reveal a glass elevator that overlooked the city as it went up its many floors. Stepping inside, I waited for others to come in behind me, and lo and behold, Jeremy walked in smirking like the jackass he was. “We meet again.” Oh, the things I would say if we weren’t squeezed into a confined space with eight other people. Instead, I gave my best I smell shit face before turning away to look at the view. As we went up, I started to feel dizzy. I’d never been up this high. The cars were looking tiny and I had to grab hold of the railing to keep from having a full on panic attack. My heart was pounding and I was trying to take deep breaths to compensate, but the elevator kept stopping at various floors and mine seemed to be at the top. “Afraid of heights, huh?” Jeremy’s smile dropped when he saw the shear terror showing on my face. “Get me off,” I begged in a desperate whisper.“Thought you’d never ask.” He smirked again before grabbing my elbow and hauling me away from the horrifying view to exit the elevator on the floor it was stopped at.“What floor are you on?” he asked. I looked at my room key. “Twenty-seventh.”“That’s only a couple floors up from here, so we’ll take the stairs. I’m on the twenty-sixth,” he told me with a strange calmness that was suddenly irritating.“I don’t care what floor you’re on,” I snapped, and then sighed since it was decent that he got me out of the glass death trap. “I just need to get to my room.”“You’re so uptight,” he said with a shake of his head, and then led the way to the stairs.“Yeah, well I get to room with The Crow so don’t judge me,” I retorted. “No shit?!” He was trying not to laugh, I could tell. “Shut up,” I replied, unamused. * * * The guest speakers weren’t as bad as I would have expected but, throughout the day I found myself staring at the back of Jeremy’s head. He’d turned around a few times and I wasn’t sure if he saw me, but so what if he did? It’s not like I was checking him out. He wasn’t unattractive though, but it’s not like he was Josh. Josh had a crazy body with killer eyes. Jeremy on the other hand had dark hair that was receding a little, his eyes were sharp, his smile was his best feature and annoyingly so, but there was just something, aside from the whole harassment situation, that made me want to smack him.Oddly enough, I was able to avoid The Crow when visiting my room to get dressed for dinner. It was like she was always an hour ahead of me, so we didn’t cross paths, which was nice. I wore a simple black dress with a high neckline, but a plunging back that swooped down midway. It was complimentary to my figure in a sexy way without being trashy, perfect for the occasion.Dinner went by smoothly with the constant buzz of clinking silverware and mingling chatter hovering about the room. I made my rounds saying hello to various co-workers as I secretly tried to find Josh. He was nowhere in site. It was doubly depressing when I thought about the extra time I’d spent trying to look good for the jerk. Save a dance for me, my ass. It was definitely time to get a drink or three. ***“Looking for me?” Jeremy came up behind me as I was sipping on my freshly made margarita and enjoying the room from an empty central table. Music began to pump and the normally professional teachers began to flop and gyrate their bodies in attempt to look like high school versions of themselves, which was just damn pathetic and totally worth the central table view. “That’s a hell no,” I responded as I licked the salt from the rim of my glass. “Thanks,” he said, pulling out a chair. “I’d be glad to join you.” I had the urge to lean back since he’d scooted his chair so close to mine. I could see his eyes sparkling. He was obviously enjoying my sudden discomfort. “Michelle’s dress is practically screaming one nighter.” I nodded toward the dance floor where good old Michelle’s tits were fighting to stay in the red tube dress that was suctioned tightly to her overly voluptuous figure. “That would probably be a better use of your time.” “Probably.” He shrugged and then had the nerve to grab the maraschino cherry out of my drink. “Hey,” I protested just as he put it into his mouth. “That was mine.”“Oh, I’m sorry.” He feigned an innocent look. “Did you want it back?” he asked as he opened his mouth, exposing the half-chewed cherry. The sick bastard! I could have rolled my eyes and let it go, but I didn’t. Instead, I shocked us both by reaching in his mouth to grab it. Probably out of reflex, he shut his mouth and clamped his teeth down onto my thumb, which I managed to pull free, and my index finger, which wasn’t so lucky. “Ouch!” I tried to pull my finger free. I was a second away from smacking his damn face, when he loosened his grip only slightly and began to suck on my finger so that when I pulled it out, it made a popping sound. Our eyes were locked for a long moment and I found myself speechless. It was entirely idiotic and yet, I was feeling hot little swirls of excitement deep down. “Hey, Chelsea.” I looked up to see Josh, his eyes darting from Jeremy to me. “Are you busy?”Was I busy?! I looked over at Jeremy and he was clearly measuring up Josh.“Uh, no,” I replied feeling kind of awkward since Jeremy had just sucked me into a strange kind of mood that I wasn’t exactly eager to leave, but not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. I decided it was time for the jackass to see how a real woman flirts. “Not at all,” I said as I winked back at Jeremy and took Josh’s hand to the dance floor. The music was some sort of remix of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and was pushing a good beat. I could feel the tequila making itself useful and Josh pulled me close and started swinging his hips to the beat. I tried to match the swing of his hips with my own and looked up at him. His eyes were looking into mine and he was crazy intense. For some reason I found it humorous that he would be trying so hard. I could feel the laugh bubbling up inside and I knew it was coming, so I turned around and saw Jeremy staring at us, at me. Josh took that as his cue to put his hands on my hips and grind me from behind, but I was trying so hard not to laugh. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or Jeremy staring at me, but I just couldn’t take the situation seriously. Looking at Jeremy, I saw he wore a knowing grin, and it felt like he and I were sharing some kind of private joke. I turned back and finished the dance with Josh, after which he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and whispered his room number into my ear. I couldn’t believe it. The opportunity to get with that sexy hunk of man meat was almost impossible to pass up, but somehow it felt cheap, especially after I called Michelle a one nighter. Flattered as hell, I nodded and then turned to look back at Jeremy...who was no longer there. Telling myself that I wasn’t disappointed, I headed back for my drink, which was half gone. Apparently Jeremy had helped himself to that too. * * *After three solid drinks, I found myself buzzed enough to ride the glass bubble that they called an elevator back up to my room. The night lights from the city were shimmering and glittering so beautifully in my intoxicated state and all I could hope was that The Crow was long passed out and sleeping so she couldn’t add drunkenness to her list of my offenses when she turned me in. I quietly unlocked the door and stepped in. The room was dark and the curtains were open a fraction, letting the city lights shine in enough to show the way to the bathroom. I went quickly inside and shrugged out of my dress, brushed my teeth and readied for bed. Relieved that The Crow was clearly asleep, I turned out t
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he bathroom light and headed for the empty bed. I tried to quiet my mind and let the weight of my heavy head sink me into sleep. I was just about there when a rustling from the bed next to me turned into legs sliding into my own bed. “Whoa!” I bolted upright.“Shhhh, you’re so uptight,” spoke a familiar male voice. I sucked in my breath at the immediate recognition. “How the hell did you get in here?” I yelled in a whisper, partially to mind his hush and partially because I was too buzzed to care that I was minding it. I felt his bare legs on mine. They were large, hairy, and very warm. I could almost, but not quite, make out his face in the darkness. “I struck a deal with The Crow,” he informed matter of factly, as if that explained it all. He tried to nudge me back down with a push on the shoulder, but I resisted. “What?!”“It’s true,” he sighed. “Yesterday, in the lounge, she asked me if I needed a witness in my harassment case against you, she said she would provide it. When I told her that we were just kidding around, she threatened to report both of us,” he said with a laugh. “I knew it!” I felt a rush of anxiety. “I’m going to lose my job, thanks to you.”“Noooo,” he snickered. “Let me finish. So, I tried to talk her down and tell her that I apologize if we offended her in any way and she tells me that she’ll not report us if I do something.”“What exactly is that?” I asked, now curious. “She was in charge of setting up the rooms. She told me that she would room with you and that I would be rooming with Mr. Carter. She said that during the morning break of the conference, I had to meet up and switch room keys with her.”“Are you fucking kidding me?!” I interrupted in disbelief.“So, here I am, rooming with you.” He nudged me back down and I didn’t resist. I just let myself fall back to my pillow with a sense of relief in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to lose my job. All I had to do was share a room with Jeremy. Oh, my, GOD!! Jeremy was in my room, in my bed and running his fingers all over my bare chest!!! All of the information about The Crow was so much to take in, I didn’t even notice in my buzzed state that he was so easily taking liberties with me. It just felt so normal, so right, like he was supposed to be rolling his fingertips on my nipples. What was wrong with me? “What are you doing?” I asked very seriously. He didn’t stop touching me as he answered. “I don’t really know. I was fully planning on sleeping in my bed and scaring the crap out of you in the morning by letting you think we slept together since you’re clearly drunk. But then you came out of the bathroom naked, with the exception of your panties, and I couldn’t resist. I had to know…” he trailed off.“What?” I was breathless and felt a tingling heat start to come to life low in my core. “If you were as soft as you looked.” He cupped my perky breasts gently and then squeezed a little. “If you taste as soft as you feel,” he continued as he flicked his tongue on one nipple then the other before sliding it up my neck to bite gently. I was covered in goose bumps and burning from the inside out. “And what is the verdict?” I asked when I could feel him looking down on me in the scant light. “Mmmmm...” He came down to brush his lips over mine. “The jury is still out” — he licked them softly — “more evidence is necessary.” That was it. I lost whatever reservations I had about Jeremy Pax in that moment. I completely wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close so I could kiss him fully. In return, he rolled over the top of me and pushed his protruding hardness against the flimsy silk of my panties. “You’re wet,” he said just as his cell phone jingled a noise that told him that he had a text message. He rolled off from me and reached down into his pants pockets to see just who was messaging him at almost midnight. “What is it?” I asked when he didn’t say anything.“Shit.” He rolled off the bed and started putting on his pants. “Get dressed. The Crow wants her room back. I guess things didn’t go as expected for her.”The news was shocking to me and I ran into the bathroom to fetch my dress. Feeling like I was a teenager about to get caught, the reality of what I was just doing and who I was doing it with, hit with a force. I started packing up my things and putting them into my duffel bag. Seconds later I was ready to leave. “Don’t worry, I’ll get us another room,” Jeremy said as he held the door open for me. “No, I’m going home,” I said as I rushed down the hall to the dreaded elevator. Pushing the down button several times and praying for a quick and easy exit, I tossed him a quick look over my shoulder. He looked as smoldering as I was. Hopefully my hormones would hold out long enough for me to not do something stupid.“Wait up,” he said as he caught up to me by the elevator. “You can’t drive home like this. You’ve had too much to drink.”He wasn’t wrong, but there was no way I was sticking around. “I’ve had three, I’ll be fine.” The elevator doors finally opened and I didn’t hesitate. No one was inside and the expansive view was all around me. He held the doors open and looked at me. “You are not fine. We’re getting a room, end of story.” I pulled him inside and he didn’t resist, thinking that it was my way of agreeing.“This was a mistake.” I was breathing hard and trying not to focus on the view, especially the hot eyes zeroing in on me. “You don’t even like me. You need someone like Michelle or Katie.” “Whoa! Katie is married and Michelle? Come on, give me a little credit.” He looked hurt. “This isn’t happening Pax. I’m not a one nighter, okay?” I grabbed for the rail and felt myself loosing balance. We were halfway down and he got this wild look in his eye. Before I knew what he was doing, he pushed the emergency stop button which sent off a silent alarm to the staff below. “What are you doing?!” I exclaimed as he pinned me up against the rail. “I never said you were a one nighter!” He looked angry. “You just need to pull the stick out of your ass for a minute and—"I cut him off by smacking him square across the face. How dare he say something like that to me when he had almost ruined my career and now had me trapped up 15 stories high. “That’s it,” he smiled ruthlessly. “Get pissed. Lose control for once in your pristine little life!”“What seems to be the problem?” a female voice squawked out of the small speaker below the buttons. Jeremy turned and pushed a button to reply. “I will give you a dollar for every minute you leave us alone.” He was serious.“You have 30 minutes,” the female squawk sounded hushed. He smiled and came back over to me. I couldn’t believe what was happening.“Oh, hell no! You aren’t keeping me up here for 30 minutes,” I went to try for the buttons but he caught me and pushed me up against the rail again. “What are you so afraid of, huh?” He spun me around and forced me to look at the never ending night beyond the glass. “Jeremy, please!” I begged him as I felt my heartbeat pounding in my ears. He pushed his body against the back of mine. He reached up under the skirt of my dress and ran his fingers up my inner thigh. “Just feel it. Let yourself go,” he coaxed and he let his fingers run over the wet spot in my panties. I felt myself tense up at his touch. “I can’t,” I whispered. He pulled me closer against him and ran his hand up my dress to cup my breast. With the other hand he slipped his fingers through the side of my panties and felt a new kind of wet silk. The whole world began to twirl and I felt like I could hyperventilate at any moment. He flipped me around and I looked into his eyes. He was crazy intense, only he wasn’t funny. He bent to kiss me and I found myself reluctant. “But you don’t even know me,” I protested with centimeters between us.“Ahh, but I’ve watched you,” he said and then stuck his finger deep into my pussy. “Ooooohhhh!” I cried out in surprised pleasure. He watched me crumble beneath him and I knew that I would be unable to resist him. He knew it too. He took out his finger and grabbed for my hand. I could feel my wetness on his fingers as he guided my hand to his hard throbbing cock. “Feel this? This is for you,” he said as he bent and kissed me hard on the mouth. “It’s been for you for the last year,” he mumbled into my mouth. I couldn’t help but return his kiss with a desperate urgency that I had been holding back. He became very passionate, grabbed my thighs and lifted me so that I fit up against him and the glass. Using the rail for extra support, he pulled aside my panties and unzipped his pants. Just as panic was beginning to seize me at the idea of only glass separating me from sure death, he let the head of his dick swirl into my wetness right before he slammed inside. In that moment, nothing and no one was sexier than Jeremy. He was a raging beast fueled by a lust that had been pent up for who knows how long. I was matching his thrusts with a passion of my own. He was right, I was jealous. Not of the women he flirted with, but of him. He was magnificent in his ability to manipulate people. It was a thrilling ride to think that the lines of who was doing the manipulating in our particular situation were so blurred that it no longer mattered at the moment. It was wild. My moans and cries of pleasure were echoing in the small space as his grunts of strength and determination to plunge deeper became louder and louder. He was so unbelievably sexy in a raw and barbaric sort of way, which was intensified by the tiny beads of sweat along his temple. I licked his face and he growled and bit my neck as he pulled me down to the floor. Fear gripped me on the way down when a sense of free falling came over me. I grabbed for his shirt and tore it on accident as I was trying to hold close to him. He looked down and smiled at the damage. He lifted up my skirt and dragged my panties off from me, “That’s a nice dress,” he said breathlessly. “Thanks.” I pulled him down for a kiss as he lined up for entry. “I’ll buy you a new one,” he promised and then gripped the high neck line and ripped it apart down to the navel. “Oh, my..." I was interrupted by the shock of what he’d just done with the full force of his penetration. He was pounding into me at a savage pace. “...GOD!” I finished. It was unbelievable. He was staring down at my small bouncing breasts which had no problem peeking out when the dress fell away with the rocking of our bodies. My head was swimming with the vision of him surrounded by the eerie glow of the city lights shining behind him. It was almost like getting fucked inside of a snow globe, except that the snow wasn’t falling in slow motion. Everything was happening so fast. I could feel a quickening of the heat building deep inside.“Jeremy,” I breathed. “Ooooo, it feels too good.” Slowing his thrusts, he brought his mouth down to mine, dipped his tongue inside and lapped softly between my lips. The sensation was amazing when coupled with the touch of one of his finger tips circling on my clit. I brought my hands up underneath his shirt and around to his back. I tried to hug closer, so I could lift up and take him deeper. My moans were soft and airy then eventually stopped as I held my breath.“Yes,” he groaned. “Come all over my me.”My whole body tensed with quakes of electric delight dancing from the tip of my clit to the tips of my curling toes. “I feel it,” he said through gritted teeth, trying to hold back his own release. I finally exhaled with a full on cry of pleasure as the last pulse of orgasm squeezed from me onto him. He looked down on me with kind of desperation I’d never seen. “Is it done?” he asked. I nodded my head to affirm that yes, my climax was finished. “Good, now you can feel mine.” His ragged voice was low with what almost seemed like anger. He drove into me with punishing strength. My pussy awakened to a new fire as I was inching across the floor with each new thrust. I cried out several times, the wind was swept from my lungs and I finally scraped my nails down his back then gripped tight to his ass cheeks and squeezed.He suddenly pulled out and I felt hot splatters of cum shooting across my chest. He was moaning and more splatters sprayed my neck and some even got in my hair. His eyes were shut tightly as he squeezed the last bits of cum from his cock. I was staring at him with pure awe and wonder. After a moment when time seemed to stand completely still, he slowly opened his eyes. “It really is a nice dress,” he remarked with a grin as he took in the view of my cum splattered and torn dress. “Yeah.” I laughed. “I’m sure we look like we just stepped out of that Hitchcock movie. Our clothes are all torn, our hair is a mess, and I even have droppings.” I raised a brow and I smeared in some of his cum. “No fucking way!” he exclaimed as he looked past me to the outside.“What?” I asked as I turned and then I saw. It was The Crow on her way up in a neighboring glass encased elevator. She was staring at us with the same bug eyed expression she wore the first time she happened upon Jeremy and me in what was considered an inappropriate situation. “We are so dead.” I smiled at him.He reached over and closed the rip in my dress and brought me close to him. “Get a room with me.”I got up on my tippy toes to kiss him. “Come home with me,” I countered.“I’m driving.” He smiled into the kiss and hunted blindly for the button to send the elevator back down. We kissed the whole ride down and fears of the glass elevator were replaced with dreams and visions of how to reach new passionate heights.

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