My nice wife is giving a shit all over

My nice wife is giving a shit all over

This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at [email protected]   Reunion   Chapter Two   Carol drove north on I-35  thinking back on the past few hours. She should have been exhausted from the non stop sex she experienced with Ben but in reality was exhilarated from the experience. A small part of her called her a slut for betraying her family the way she did but she dismissed that from her mind. Sex with Craig had become boring and only she had no idea how boring. She squirmed in her seat as she remembered Ben's cock pushing into her ass. Now that was a trip! Wow, when his cock head popped thru her asshole she almost screamed; hell, maybe she did. She doubted she could ever get Craig to ass fuck her but she would try. Subtlety, of course.   Her exit was just ahead, Evanston, IL, home of Northwestern U. and her long awaited reunion with her friends.   She handed her car over to the Valet at Tri-Delta house, and walked proudly in the front door. "Carol Graham!":. someone yelled and she turned and saw Alma.   "Omigod, Alma, it's you!"   "Carol Graham you look absolutely fabulous! You are obviously single as no married woman could have a body like that and look as great as you do! Girls! Check this out, sweet little Carol Graham and she looks like she stepped out of Playboy!"   Carol was loving every minute of it. Let them eat their hearts out, the bitches. She was getting the reaction she expected, and prayed for.   "Sorry to disappoint ladies, but I am married and the mother of two, boy and girl ages 12 and 14."   "I don't fuckin' believe you, you have no belly, a firm ass and the best set of tits that I have ever seen. What's your secret?"   "A rich husband, $25,000 tit job, and three days a week with my personal trainer. All it takes is money and time, and I have both."   All the ladies retired to the lounge to catch and Alma slipped her arm thru Carol's and whispered, "I have never forgotten about us you know."   "Are you married, family?"   "Oh yeah and it's a crashing bore. I hope you don't mind I took the liberty to sign us up as suite mates just like in the old days."   "Sounds like fun," said Carol and winked slyly at Alma. "Alma, I'm really beat and need a quick nap. It was a long ride. See you in an hour, OK?"   "No problemo, Carol."   Carol took a quick shower and flopped on the bed for a well deserved nap. About an hour later there was a soft knock at the door and she mumbled "Come in".   Alma walked in and was surprised to find Carol nude and spread eagled on the bed. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't think...".   "Forget it, we're grown women and who hasn't seen a pussy and a pair of tits before. I don't have anything you don't have."   Alma looked Carol up and down and could feel the old feelings start to build in her. Better stop those thoughts she said to herself.   "So, tell me about Alma, I want to hear it all. Husbands, lovers, the whole bit."   "Not much to tell, screwed around trying to build a career for ten years and then married my boss. We have a happy marriage....."   "But, you are bored, right?"   "Yeah, kinda, same old wham, bam, thank you m'am stuff. Little foreplay, rarely eats me, always wants me to suck his cock, yuck!".   "Hey, don't knock cocksucking, I happen to love it and love the taste of cum."   "You are shitting me, right?"   "Not at all, there's no greater control a woman has over a man than to control his orgasm and drink his load. They will do anything for you for that. How do you think I got him to buy me these tits?"   "Well, they are rather spectacular." Carol had 36 D's and they were perfect. She had the belly button implant so there was no scarring and her nipples were permanently erect. "May I touch them?"   "Sure, they feel like the real thing."   Alma brushed her fingers lightly over the nipples and could feel Carol shudder at her touch. Carol closed her eyes as Alma cupped them in her hands and gently kissed the hardened nipples. She placed the tip of her tongue where lactation would occur and sucked gently as a low moan came deep from within Carol's throat. Alma's tongue was setting her on fire. She often dreamed of having another woman and now she would experience it.   Carol slowly lay back on the bed as Alma sucked and nuzzled at her beautiful breasts. Her hips began to slowly rotate in invitation to Alma's hands. Alma felt strange being fully clothed and Carol completely nude so she pulled her sweater over her head and practically ripped her shorts and panties off.   "Hey," protested Carol.   "Shhh, it will be fun, just you and me, honey"  and she covered Carol's full lips with her own; their tongues dancing on each other. Carol, still aroused from her afternoon with Ben, sucked Alma's tongue deep in her mouth, sucking hard. Carol took this as a signal and slipped her hand between Carol's thighs searching for her already wet pussy. Carol felt her fingers and spread her legs wide in open initiation while Alma slipped two fingers into her hot love hole. She began to pump at
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her pussy furiously and Carol whispered, "Oh baby, yeah, finger fuck me with those magic fingers....uuhhhh...".   Alma replaced her fingers with her lips and began to suck softly on Carol's juicy pussy. Carol spread her legs wide to receive Alma's mouth on her steaming cunt. It was something Carol  had waited twenty years for; the feel of another woman's mouth on her cunt. It was sheer ecstasy to her. The wetness and warmth of Alma's hot mouth, the feel of her teeth nibbling gently on her labia and the electricity that shot thru her body when Alma's tongue entered her for the first time. Her body shook uncontrollably as the first orgasm ripped through her . Her hands grabbed Alma's head and pulled her deep into her crotch as she ground her pussy deep in Alma's mouth. Alma sucked , bit and pulled on Carol's cunt as hard as she could and her mouth was filled with Carol's sweet cum as her mouth was flooded with Carol's discharge.   Alma, quick to take advantage, swung her legs up over Carol's naked body and placed her sopping pussy right where Carol couldn't miss it and she was rewarded when Carol hungrily began to suck her cunt. Carol had never eaten pussy prior but knew what she liked so she did what came naturally sucking her labia and clit and thrusting her tongue in and out of Alma. Alma responded by grinding her pussy down on Carol's face and was soon shaking with her own orgasm. Alma relaxed completely to let the waves flood over her as her pussy gushed all over Carol's face and neck.   "Oh God Alma, I wish you had a dick so you could fuck me,"   "Say no more honey, I have just what you need," and with that she opened her overnight bag and pulled out and put on a strap on dildo with a 14 inch cock.   Carol's eyes opened wide with somewhat of a fright as she eyed the huge cock hanging from Alma's waist line. "Now don't you worry baby, this cock feels like the real thing, you just trust me. You wanna suck it a little?"   Carol dropped to her knees like a teenager and began to suck on the flesh colored dildo. "Mmmm, you're right, it feels like the real thing!"   "That's right baby, get it nice and wet and then I'm going to give you the fuck of your life!"   Carol lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. As Alma stroked the dildo as if it were a real prick. "C'mon Carol, tell me how much you want this monstrous dick stuck up your steaming pussy."   "Oh Alma, it looks so big, will it hurt me?" The dildo was two inches or more thick and very realistically veined and was fourteen inches long. At the base it even had a pair of soft balls. "I've never seen a cock so big..."   "Lie back and enjoy the fuck of your life," cooed Alma. "Play with your pussy to get it really wet."   Carol spread her lips and started to massage her clit as Alma pushed the head of the dildo toward her love hole. It was big and it was a tight fit until Carol was well lubed and then the giant head slid right in. Alma gave her about four inches and then began a rhythmic in and out stroke. With each stroke she gave her a little more until about eight inches was in and Carol was moaning loudly.   "Oh fuck, does that feel good! You weren't kidding! Give me more, dammit, more, oh fuck me Alma, FUCK ME!" Carol felt her insides fill with the giant cock and another orgasm hit her. Her hips were bucking wildly as she thrust her pussy down on the huge cock as Alma pushed more and more into her.   The dildo had another smaller appendage which was firmly inserted in Alma's cunt and also had a vibrator in it. Alma turned it on as she felt Carol's body strain under the intense orgasm she was feeling. Carol's vagina walls gripped the dildo so tightly that Alma had to stop pushing for a few moments and then she, Alma, had her first orgasm as the vibrator set her off.   "Oh Allie yes, oh yes, I'm cumming so hard, give me more of that man meat, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" screamed Carol.   "Ohhhhhhh, I'm cumming too, oh yes baby, let me fuck you more, open your pussy for me," and Carol reached down and pulled Alma and the fourteen inch cock all the way in so she could feel the soft balls against her ass.   "OMIFUCKINGGOD, ITS SO DEEP AND I'M, CUMMING AGAIN,. OH ALLIE, DON'T STOP, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, YES YES, YES , OHHHHHHHH....CUMMMMMMING........." cried Carol as her body was wracked by yet another orgasm Carol stretched her legs high and up and grabbed her toes with her fingers to give Alma maximum penetration and Alma consumed with her own orgasm hammered Carol's pussy with the huge dildo. Carol scream  again as another wave hit here and then another. Her whole body was in spasm with erotic ecstasy.    Alma was the first to recover and turned off the vibrator and slowly pulled the huge prick from Carol whose body was shaking all over from the multiple orgasms. Her breasts were heaving as she gasped for air and continuously rubbed her clitoris.   "Hey Carol, slow down, you'll wear yourself out and we have all night ahead of us."   Carol's orgasms finally subsided and her breathing returned to normal. She looked at Alma and just smiled the biggest smile, "Man that was the greatest sex I have ever had, bar none. Where did you learn ho to do that?"   "All will be revealed in due time sweetie, now we have to get ready for the Class Dinner. I hear the waiters are guys on the football team and who knows, maybe we'll get lucky."   "Alma, no! Not kids!"   "Hey, cool your jets, these are virile young men, all over 21 and anyone is fair game as far as I'm concerned. You with  me?"   "Well, we'll see....."   END OF CHARPTER TWO      

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