Tattooed Milf Fucks Stepson In The Hottest Moments

Tattooed Milf Fucks Stepson In The Hottest Moments

The invite says 8 pm sharp. Thanks to the slowest taxi in the world I am twenty minutes late already. The driver and his overbearing opinions are beginning to grate on me as we finally arrive outside the Cedar Rooms. He is angling for a tip, but he doesn’t get one as I pay him and angrily slam the door behind me as I exit.If there is one thing I hate it is lateness. I’ve always been the same since I can remember, to me it’s a personal insult if somebody can’t keep time. So I am really hacked off with myself, especially as everybody else will already be there and I will look a complete idiot as I stroll in. I can visualise the whole room grinding to a halt and silence greeting my entrance.The invite had been sent via a social networking site weeks ago. It came as quite a shock to hear from Victoria again after all these years. Time flies, could it really be twenty years since we left school? I had seen just an handful of my old school friends in the meantime, and the last time I had seen Victoria had been roughly six months after we graduated. She had found me out on the networking site and over time we filled in the gaps in our lives. She had been invited to a school reunion and as nobody had bothered to contact me, she took it upon herself to ask me along.Time had been kind to Victoria, if her profile picture was anything to go by, she didn’t look much older than the day we last met. I learnt that she had been married, but now divorced and she had an eighteen year old daughter, Robyn. We were in regular contact again, reminiscing about the two years we went out together at school. It was good to take a walk down memory lane to be honest. It’s always good to do that, you can just erase all the bad bits and fast forward past the hard times.The Cedar Rooms have seen better days if I’m honest. I haven’t been here in years but the gaudy décor hasn’t changed. I push open the door to the function room and am taken aback by the turnout, there must be over fifty people crammed into the compact room. A DJ plays cheesy pop from twenty years ago through a tinny sound system. I’m greeted by several people, some I recognize, some who I struggle with, taking a second for the name to match the face. I scan the room for Victoria, but I can’t see her to begin with, but eventually I spot her queuing for the bar. I approach her from behind and playfully pinch her bum, she doesn’t turn around, seemingly not phased.“I’d know that pinch anywhere, how the hell are you, Nathan?”She turns around and we hug warmly, locked together for an eternity. The years seem to fade away in an instant. It feels like we have been taken back to the very moment we said goodbye. The spark is still there, and the chemistry between us, which was always good seems to have stood the test of time. She looks good too, admittedly not as good as the profile picture, but still very attractive, but who am I to judge? I’m not the strip thin boy I used to be.We spend most of the night in a dark corner, may as well not be a reunion as we hardly speak to anyone else. The drink is flowing freely and Victoria seems to be taking her fair share of red wine on board. Not that I am complaining, it opens her up, making her chatty and flirtatious and very touchy-feely.All too quickly we are at the last dance, I really don’t do dancing, but Victoria drags me by the hand to the dance floor, wasting no time in pulling me close and fondling my bum. I repay the compliment by pushing my body in close to hers and squeezing her curvy buttocks, the closeness of her body and the sweetness of her perfume start to work their magic and I begin to feel my cock twitch and spark into life, becoming semi erect in seconds.“Somebody is getting a little bit turned on…” she whispers into my ear as she pulls our bodies closer together, which makes me even stiffer. I’m soon sporting a full erection which is causing a huge bulge in my trousers. Victoria seems to be enjoying herself, removing one hand from my bum and sliding It over my erection. She leans in close kissing my ear lobe.“Stay with me tonight, I need you to fuck me, need you inside me. Just for old time’s sake.”The drink has taken it’s toll on us both, and the temptation is too much. Within minutes we are in a taxi, being whisked towards Victoria’s home. The journey is quite short, but she has still found time to unzip my flies and extricate my throbbing dick. Her touch is just as I remember it, soft and gentle. Her hand silky smooth. Mercifully we pull up outside her house before I make a mess all over the taxi’s shiny seats. I manage to get myself in order and pay the driver.We are soon inside her pristine house, it looks like a show home, I feel almost afraid to tread on the carpets, taking my shoes off quickly. She ushers me into the lounge before returning with two brimming glasses of wine. She sure likes her drink these days.We kiss with wild abandon on her sofa, her hands all over me, she is certainly less inhibited these days, in our youth she had been quite shy and prim, never initiating anything. Gulping down the last of her wine she grasps my wrist and pulls me up.“Time for you to take me upstairs and show me what I’ve been missing all of these years, Nathan.”I follow her up the narrow staircase to her well appointed bedroom, the bed is absolutely huge, dominating the room. She throws herself down onto it and crooks her finger, beckoning me to her.“Come here and put your lovely cock inside me, just like you used to do.”The urge to pee is too great and I ask where the loo is, she tells me it’s en-suite and points to a door on the right side of the room, before lowering her head onto a plump pillow.I am glad for a minute to think here. Do I really want to do this? I have a beautiful girlfriend who is the best thing in my whole life. I don’t think I could ever live with the guilt. I decide I’m going back out there and telling her that we can’t have sex.I rehearse the little speech in my head as I re-enter the bedroom, stepping towards the bed. I need not have bothered, Victoria is out for the count, mouth wide open, snoring loudly. I decide not to wake her and creep downstairs. The wine has taken it’s toll on me too as I feel really light headed and quite tipsy. It slowly dawns on me that I don’t even know the name of the road she lives on, or where in fact it is. I look in my wallet and find it sadly devoid of any notes. The same story with my pockets, just a handful of loose change.So I have no money, and not a clue where I am. On top of this I feel too drunk to start walking without knowing which direction to take. I decide that I will just sleep on her sofa, she won’t mind, and I can find my way home in the cold light of the morning.I turn off the main light, leaving a dim table lamp on before slumping down onto the plush sofa. The central heating has kicked in and the room quickly gets toasty. I strip down to just my boxer shorts and try to sleep. For some reason I can’t drop off. I lie awake and think about Victoria, half regretting not having sex with her, but half relieved I haven’t cheated.My thoughts are shattered by the sound of a key opening the front door, quickly followed by it slamming shut and the rattle of keys dropped on the hallway table. Before I have time to think the lounge door opens and the light snaps on. I would love to know who looks the most shocked, me in just my shorts, or the pretty teenage girl who has just entered the room. Not for the first time tonight I know the face, but the name escapes me. My brain kicks in and I know I’ve seen her before…..of course, from Victoria’s profile pictures, it’s Robyn, her daughter.“What the fuck ! Who the fuck are you? And what the hell are you doing here?”She is shaking, shocked to the core, well who wouldn’t be? I try to calm her down, explaining who I am before she screams the place down.“I’m an old school friend of your Mom’s. My name is Nathan, you’re Robyn, right?”Mercifully she calms down, scrutinising my face. Her angry face relaxes and a smile plays on her lips.“Oh yeah, come to think of it, I’ve seen you on the web, Mom showed me, told me all about you."I study her as her guard drops, she is the image of her Mother, prettier if anything. Her pretty face framed by corkscrew curly honey blond hair. She is wearing a pale blue mini dress which frames her firm, taut looking body, which my eyes linger on for a few seconds longer than they should. Her brown eyes looking straight through me.“Mum said somebody might be coming back tonight. I didn’t realise it would be you. Obviously things didn’t click if you’re down here on the sofa.”I explain that her Mother had got drunk and passed out, and that I didn’t have the cash for a taxi.“Oh well, you’re more than welco
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me to stay, Nathan. It’s a relief really that I don’t have to go upstairs and listen to my Mom at it. That would be so embarrassing.”I am spellbound by her. The way she looks, the way she speaks, even the cute little curl of her lip as she smiles make me flash back all those years, and remind me why I fell for Victoria in the first place.We make a little small talk before she bids me goodnight and heads upstairs to bed, leaving behind the trail of her strong perfume. I cannot get this young beauty out of my head. My mind starts playing the image of Robyn stripped naked and being extremely rude with me. My flaccid cock soon rises at the thought of her body. I really need to relieve my desire, but I decide against It just in case I make a mess on the furniture. Frustrated, I drift off into a light sleep.I seem to drift in and out of sleep, in some kind of no man’s land. I’m not sure if I did hear the door open, or was it in my mind? I feel something cold and hard pressing against my lips, running along their length. Apart from the cold sensation I can taste something on my lips, it’s the unmistakable flavour of pussy juice. I open my eyes to the jaw dropping sight of Robyn, stripped down to just her black bra and panties, running her sex toy against my lips, smiling sexily.“I couldn’t sleep, Nathan. Decided I needed a little stimulation. I got to thinking about you, seems a shame for you and your cock to go to waste now you are here. How do I taste, by the way?” She giggles softly, almost child like.Before I have chance to reply, she moves the dildo from my lips and down over my torso and rolls it over the growing bulge in my shorts. Robyn stares intently at my cock as it stiffens rapidly thanks to her massaging.“Hmm, looks like we have something happening down here, Nathan.”Without another word she forces the toy under the waistband of my shorts and presses it against my cock, rubbing it up and down my near erect cock, before running it over my sensitive balls. I can’t deny, the sensation turned me on more than I would have expected, causing me to stiffen completely into full erection. A smile lights up her face as she sees the considerable bulge.“Hmmm, that looks good, so good. I wonder which one is bigger though, you or my toy?”Without a second thought Robyn pulls off my shorts and tosses them aside, her slim fingers go to work on me, one hand cupping my heavy sac, the other pulling back my sensitive foreskin, gently coaxing it back and forth. Once she is satisfied she places the dildo against my length. It’s a pretty even match, but the dildo is around half an inch longer, but my girth seems to be greater than the toy.“Wow, dead heat I think. They both look good, I wonder which one I should go for. What do you think, Nathan?”I realise I am in the hands of a tease here, but I want her so badly that I am unable to call her bluff.“Well Robyn, I think you have probably worn the toy out. Time to try something new.”She looks at me and doesn’t react immediately, maybe I have blown this, her face gives nothing away. She looks at the toy and then back at me before nonchalantly spitting on her plastic penis and spreading her saliva as she guides it against my anus and pushes it gently inside me. My face must display shock as she laughs and tells me to relax.“Never had your ass played with before, Nathan?”I shake my head as she pushes the toy deeper inside me, and then back out again slowly fucking me. I am enjoying the sensation as she takes her time, not forcing the toy too deeply or too quickly.“You enjoy me fucking your ass don’t you?“I grunt as a gesture of agreement as she twists her dildo deeper inside me, the sensation is a mixture of pain and sweet pleasure, she fucks me a little harder, pushing deeper, it feels like my virgin ass is taking about five inches now. I close my eyes, getting used to the experience, and beginning to feel tremendously turned on.“How does it feel, Nathan? How does my toy feel so deep inside you?”I tell her it feels amazing as I open my eyes to look at her, and then close them again, relishing the prospect of her fucking me deeper still. Sadly, I feel the abrupt withdrawal of the toy leaving me feeling suddenly very empty.“Well, tough shit, Nathan. This is all about my pleasure not yours. Give me what I need and maybe we’ll think about it later.”My cock is now so hard it aches, so the lady wants her pleasure? Well, she is going to get it, that’s for sure. I pick up the toy and toss it onto the floor, telling Robyn we won’t be needing it for now.“Better not let me down, Nathan. The toy always makes me come.”She discards her underwear within seconds and I take in her body in the half light. As I thought, her body is firm and tight with smallish pert breasts, a firm bum, washboard stomach and toned legs. She is a dream, an absolute dream.“You weren’t expecting this tonight were you, Nathan?”She confidently straddles my lap and eases herself onto me, there is no doubt that she is going to be in control of this, and to be honest I don’t mind at all. She is a confident, sexual girl, these chances don’t come along too often for men like me, so I go with it. She grips my chest and lowers herself onto me. The look on her face is priceless as she pushes herself onto me, slowly devouring my cock inch by inch. I grasp her hips and relish the feeling of her taking more and more of me. She feels tight, yet wet at the same time, I know this won’t last long, we both seem to need each other so much.She takes me ever deeper, my length swallowed by her as she relaxes and gets used to my size. We fit perfectly and I sense from the look on her face that she is loving this. I doubt she has ever had sex with somebody my age, and she seems to be turned on by it. She pushes herself off my length and then deeper onto it, her pussy is rapidly moistening and I find myself deeper and deeper inside her. She sighs gently as she rides me, using her leg muscles to grind herself against me. I’m soon fully enveloped by her, she is taking my whole length now, fucking me with quick hard strokes. Unable to resist I grab her waist and make her fuck me harder.“Mmm baby, your cock feels so good, so fucking good.”These words spur me on and I take control for a minute, gripping her hips harder and pushing deeper and deeper. I feel her clit grinding against me, being tickled by my pubic hair. She raises her head, flicking her hair out of her eyes as her eyes close and her mouth gapes slightly. She looks so lost in the moment as I take control and give her long hard thrusts. I raise my head and suck in her hard nipple as her back arches and I know she is so close. I thrust harder and harder, wanting her orgasm to come before mine.“Don’t stop, for fuck sake, please don’t stop, Nathan. Keep fucking me.”I take her at her word and find another gear, our bodies colliding hard together as her orgasm rips through her body, this spurs me on and I erupt deep inside her, the feeling is sublime, as I fill her full of my hot come. I ride her through her orgasm and gently soften my strokes as she collapses on top of me, her breathing shallow and rapid.We lie wrapped in each other for a few moments, trying to digest what we have just shared. All too soon our interlude is over, she gently kisses my lips and utters a brief thank you before putting her underwear back on. She makes for the door, bending to pick up her toy as she goes. I stop her in her tracks as she is about to exit.“Hey! You promised me you’d fuck me if I gave you needed, and I did. I really need to feel your toy inside me now."She turns to face me, a wry smile aimed in my general direction.“I say a lot of things, Nathan. Not all of them true, just be grateful for what you had, I don’t fuck with just anyone you know.”With that riposte ringing in my ears she is gone, dejectedly I retrieve my shorts and put them back on, a feeling of deep frustration fills me.****At 8am I am awoken by Victoria, she still looks worse for wear. There is a strange expression on her face as if she is trying to process how I came to be on her sofa in just my pants.“Sorry Nathan, I really wanted you, I have waited so long for us to be back together, and I ruined it. I’m sorry you coming back here was a waste of time.”As Victoria’s sentence ends, Robyn sheepishly enters the room, avoiding all eye contact with me.“Oh, Nathan, this is my Daughter, Robyn. I don’t believe you’ve been introduced.”I turn my head to stare at the beautiful girl now looking me deep in the eyes and smiling enigmatically, a million miles removed from the last look she gave me.Victoria smiles, asking me if I think they are alike.“You’re so much alike, it’s unbelievable, Victoria.”We are all smiling now, but for very different reasons.

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